Blackjack Tips and Strategy

Seat position: it all depends on how much control you want over the game. If you want to control the last card in online Blackjack then the player should sit at the last box. This benefits the more experienced player as it eliminates a less experienced player drawing a wrong card. Whatever is drawn last will determine what the dealer gets in Blackjack depending on which type of Blackjack game the online casino is using. The players really controlBlackjack. If the player doesn’t want to control the game in Blackjack the players must trust the last box to make the right decision. The next best place to sit in Blackjack is either the first box or one in the middle.

Drawing cards: If the dealer is lucky and draws a high card then the player has nothing to lose. If the dealer has a low card then the player should be more careful in what cards they draw on. For instance, if the player has low cards above 11 then I would suggest keeping what they have and let the dealer draw the 10’s. It’s amazing how this system does benefit the player because there are more tens in the packs than any other cards.

Splits: The player should always split aces in Blackjack. Always split when the dealer has a low card, never when the dealer has a picture or a ten. I would suggest to never splitting 2s. It’s a bad split but it’s up to the player.

Doubles: The player should only double in Blackjack on 9, 10 or 11. Online casinos let players double on anything. This is in the House favour. The player should only double when the dealer has a low card, if the dealer has a high card then the chances of the players winning becomes very slight.

Cash build up: Once the player starts to have a run of good luck in Blackjack, they should start increasing their stakes slightly. This will start to increase their betting bank. If they were to lose a hand then they should drop down to their original stake and build it back up. The player only needs a few splits and doubles before they start to see a good run in Blackjack.

Insurance: This is pointless bet in Blackjack. If the players are offered insurance when the dealer has an ace then they should decline because they only get back what they bet. I don’t know why this is offered in online Blackjack because UK casinos stopped doing this because it held up the games for nothing.

Targets: Realistic targets should be put in place in Blackjack. The player should never go online with an unlimited amount. They should decide how much they want to win and lose before they play and then they stay in control. Not following this important factor in online Blackjack means the casino starts to control the player.

Concentration: The player should always keep on top of what they are doing in Blackjack. They should stay focused and not become distracted. Playing the private games in Blackjack is a good way of keeping their concentration.

Boredom: Once the player starts to become bored in Blackjack then they should leave the casino. Casinos bank on the player becoming agitated. The player may have played for 3 hours and still have the same as when they started. Blackjack can be like this and then the player bets everything to see what happens. This is no good and the online casino will always win.

Enjoyment: The player should enjoy the online Blackjack experience; It’s a game at the end of the day and doesn’t have to be expensive. The player should never play with the intent on winning money. They should play Blackjack because they enjoy the game.