Craps Strategy

Craps has the best winning odds of any casino game. This is because the casino offers their customers the opportunity to place a bet without a house edge and pay true odds. Craps is the only casino game that does this. There is a small catch though. You must already have a bet in play, for example, a pass line or a don’t pass line. This carries a casino edge of
1.4%. The true odds with this bet are a fantastic bet for any player and can give you a good winning return if played wisely.

You place your bet on the pass line hoping the come out roll is a 7. Say the roll is a 5 and becomes the point, you are now hoping for a 5 to be thrown before the 7 to double your money. Place another bet on the pass line behind your original bet. You will get the true odds for that bet if the point is rolled. A 5 would pay odds of 3-2 without a house edge. The game is truly in your favour. Go give it a try and see how you get on.

Bad Bets In Craps

Betting on 7 or 11
This is a bad bet. The odds are paid at 4-1 but the actual true odds for this bet are 5-1 giving the casino a 16.6% edge over yourself. Stay clear of betting a 7. The same goes for betting on 11. Pays 14-1 but the actual true odds are 17-1 giving the house a 16.6% edge. Bad bet. 

Horn bet
A fair way bet on 2, 3, 11, and 12. Numbers 2 and 12 are 36-1 and 3 or 11 are 15-1. The house edge is 16.66% and should pay much higher odds for the customer. You are basically giving the casino your money. 

Any Craps
This is a terrible bet. People tend to ensure their bet by placing this on the come out roll but it only pays 7-1 and has a house edge of 11.11%. Give these bets a miss you will rarely see a return on your bet. 

Hard ways
These are extremely exciting bets for any Craps player but have terrible odds which favour the casino with a very high house edge. Stick to the pass line bets. 

Big 6 and 8 bets
These pay even money but have a true odds of 6-5. The casino is ripping you off.

Field bets
Very popular with players giving odds of 2-1 on number 2 or 12 but again the odds a far too low and give the house a 5.55% edge.