Roulette Strategy

There are many tips and strategies in Roulette that make the players gambling experience more enjoyable. For many years, punters have tried to beat the Roulette system but I’m afraid there isn’t one, it’s sheer luck as is all when gambling. The following bets are the most favourable by many online casino players.

The Roulette Tier bet

This is a group of numbers situated next to each other on the wheel. The good thing about block betting in Roulette is that when the ball is spinning it stands to reason that when the ball drops it will land in a certain section of the wheel. If the player has that section covered then they stand to win something instead of betting randomly where they could just miss out by a few numbers.

Roulette Tier numbers:  5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, 33-36 

A tier bet is a six-piece bet but the player can place as many chips on these numbers as long as they are in the table maximums. They don’t have to stick to these numbers, the art of block betting is that a player can choose a section of the wheel and place their chips there; it’s entirely up to the player.

When the player has chosen their desired block in Roulette they should make them their favoured numbers. It’s easier that way and the player will never get lost. Just picking different numbers every time is a disaster. The player will never win, trust me. In the players desired block of numbers, the art to this is Roulette is to pick out 3 numbers next to each other. Those numbers should be used as the banker numbers. These are the numbers where most of the bets should be played, with a lot more cash chips. The art to this method is if the block comes in the banker numbers stand to win a lot and the others gives the player some money back plus a little bit in their pocket to play on with. My banker numbers are 7-28-29 where I will place most of my chips. The numbers around those, which I bet, are 22-18-9-35-3-0.

Once the player has chosen a section of the wheel my tip is to stick to it until it comes in, the player could either increase their winnings or definitely win their money back to start again. Nothing is guaranteed, it may never come in, and that’s the gamble. The player should never change the block and never follow the dealer. Many punters try this because they believe the croupier has magical powers. They don’t.

The Roulette red black system (Martingale Rule)

Betting on red and black is the easiest bet on Roulette and the player has as much chance of winning as the croupier. The red and black system in Roulette works like this.

The player waits to see which colour was spun previously. Whichever colour comes in the player bets the opposite, e.g. black came in first, so red is bet. If red loses then the player doubles their stake until it wins. The player then switches colours and bets on black and repeats the format, double the stake until it wins. Every time the player gets a win they earn their original stake. The player should always be careful of the table maximum but most of the time the player will win every 3 spins on average. I would suggest winning only £50 with this system because eventually the player will end up at the maximum. When the player reaches this figure they should try another system.

Roulette dozens and columns

This is another system in Roulette where the player doubles their stake until it wins.
Say the players decide to play the dozens. They choose 2 dozens to start with. They bet £5 on each. If it wins they lose one dozen but get paid 2 to 1 on the other, meaning they win £5. They should double their bet until one of the dozens wins. They don’t need to change dozens but keep betting like this for a while. The same system applies to the columns. I suggest the player should win no more than £50, and then change systems. I prefer this system to red black because the numbers in the dozens are more random around the wheel.