Video Poker

Video Poker looks like a slot machine but is actually very different.

Video Poker, like a slot machine is a game you play alone. It has the basic format as Poker but with a slightly different hand winning combination. There are numerous Video Poker Games available including, Jacks Or Better where you must score a hand that is higher then a pair of Jacks. Deuces wild where all 2s are wild, they act as a joker and can be used as anything. Jokers wild, where the Joker is wild and can be used as anything and Kings Of Decks which is a progressive game.

In Video Poker, the more money you bet the more you win. Make sure you always review the pay out chart to see the amounts you win to the amount of coin that has been bet. Coins range from $0.25 up to $5.00. If you are wanting to get the most out of video poker then always play the maximum coins. There is always a bigger return.

The object of the game is to score the highest hand possible.

You start the same way as you would by playing a slot machine. Insert a coin into the machine and press play. Five cards will appear on the screen. You now have to decide whether the initial cards dealt are good cards. If you think some of the cards are worth keeping than press the hold button below the card. This will hold the cards for the next round. Another set of cards will be dealt. Depending on what hand you have will determine the payout. Only two rounds of cards will be dealt in Video Poker.

Video Poker is an alternative to Casino Stud Poker. In some ways it’s better because it’s a quicker game and you have more pay out combinations. Also you play the game alone as a slot machine.

Winning Video Poker Hands

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
4 Of A Kind
4 Card Royal Flush
Full House
3 Of A Kind
4 Card Straight Flush
3 Card Royal Flush
4 Card flush
4 Card Straight
3 Card Straight flush
2 Card Royal Flush
Two Pairs
Pair Of Jacks Or Higher
Pair Lower Than Jacks
Three High Cards
Two High Cards
One High Card